Motorhome and Habitation Servicing

Northants Motorhome Services offers all the services you need to keep your vehicle in top condition. From base vehicle servicing, habitation services to MOT’s, you can rest assured your motorhome is in good hands.

Motorhome Servicing from only £310

Your motorhome isn’t just a vehicle – it’s freedom, adventure and your own mobile castle. Keeping your motorhome roadworthy and safe with Motorhome Servicing is as important as planning your next destination.

Got a cambelt that’s seen better days and making all of the squeaking noises to prove it? Brake’s feeling a little soft? Maybe you need an oil and filter change? Whatever you need, our comprehensive Motorhome Servicing will keep you safely on the road to your next adventure.


  • Servicing
  • Brakes
  • Timing belt
  • Water pumps

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With our high levels of service, expertise and accreditations, your motorhome is in very safe hands.

We can assure you of 100% satisfaction with any work carried out on your motorhome. Northants Motorhome Services – the No 1 Motorhome Specialists.

Motorhome Habitation Service from only £210

Making sure your engine is purring is only part of looking after your Motorhome. At Northants Motorhome Services we also check the home element of your vehicle with our Motorhome Habitation Service.

Using our 30 years of experience, we inspect the electrics, gas and water systems throughout your mobile castle to make sure everything is safe for you. We keep you on the road to your next adventure in homely comfort with our outstanding Motorhome Habitation Services.

Whatever the age of your motorhome, it is advisable to complete Motorhome Habitation Services to ensure you keep the mod cons of home, on the road.


  • 12 Volt Electrics and Battery Testing
  • 230 Volt Mains Electrics and Appliance testing Inc. RCD/Trips operation
  • Water Systems
  • Gas Soundness, and Appliance testing, recording safe Carbon Monoxide levels
  • Ventilation Levels
  • Fire Safety, Smoke/CO² Alarms
  • Bodywork
  • Full Damp Survey, with levels recorded

Why get a habitation service?

A motorhome is a complex (and sometimes temperamental) piece of engineering. Not only is it a large vehicle, it is a fully equipped home space. If a car is made of a thousand moving parts, then a motorhome is a million. That’s a lot to go wrong, and if it does it can be potentially dangerous.

Whether you use your motorhome every other weekend, you actually live in it or just roll it out for the nice weather and festival season, it is advisable to get a motorhome habitation service. Water or gas leaks, electrical components corrosion, water ingress – there are so many issues that can come along for a motorhome. A timely Motorhome Habitation Service can catch issues before they become troubling or even lethal.

Northampton Habitation Servicing interior photo

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